Article Index

Abusive Advertising on the Internet through Spam: Problems and Solutions (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Access to Justice. A Renewed Global Issue? (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Access to Justice, Costs and Legal Aid (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

The Adaptation of the Institution of Apartment Ownership to Civilian Property Law Structures in the Mixed Jurisdictions of South Africa, Sri Lanka and Louisiana (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Adoption of the Common Law Hearsay Rule in a Civil Law Jurisdiction: a Comparative Study of the Hearsay Rule in Taiwan and the United States (vol. 10.2, October 2006)

Agriculture and the Polluter Pays Principle (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

An Analysis of Offers to Settle in Common Law Courts: Are They Relevant in the Civil Law Context? (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

The Applicability of Comparative Concepts (vol. 2.2, August 1998)

Application of Administrative Law to Privatizations in the Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Arbitration and Insolvency Proceedings: Claims of Ordinary Bankruptcy Creditors (vol. 3.3, December 1999)

Arbitration Law Reform in the Netherlands: Formal and Substantive Validity of an Arbitration Agreement (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Authoritative Interpretation of the Constitution: A Comparison of Argumentation in Finland and Norway (vol. 6.3, October 2002)

To Be or Not to Be Born? Civil Liability for Damage Resulting from Birth in a Comparative Context: Recent Polish and Irish Caselaw Concerning Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Conception (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

Beyond the Usual Suspects: Application of the Mixed Jurisdiction Jurisprudence to International Law and Beyond (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Biotechnology, Patent Law and Piracy: Mirroring the Interests in Resources of Life and Culture (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

Biotechnology, Property Rights and the Environment: Towards a New Legal Order? (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Biotechnology, Property Rights and the Environment: Towards a New Legal Order? (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Boundaries of Property Rights in English Law (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

The Boundaries of Property Rights: Netherlands National Report 2006 (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

The Boundaries of Property Rights in Scots Law (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Bringing Uniformity to Brazilian Court Decisions: Looking at the American Precedent and at Italian Living Law (vol. 11.4, December 2007)

Building a European Contract Law: Five Fallacies and Two Castles in Spain (vol. 7.4, November 2003)

Characteristics of International Administration in Crisis Areas (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Characteristics of International Administration in Crisis Areas: Aspects of UK Government Policy (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Choice of Law in Integrated and Interconnected Markets: A Matter of Political Economy (vol. 7.3, September 2003)

Class Actions/les actions collectives (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Classes of Shares and Share Redemption in Italian and UK Company Law: the Peculiar Case of the Redeemable Shares (vol. 10.2, October 2006)

Climate Law in The Netherlands: The Search towards a National Legislative Framework for a Global Problem (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

The Codification of Private International Law in Europe: Could the Community Learn from the Experience of Mixed Jurisdictions? (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Collective Agreements and Individual Contracts of Employment in Labour Law: The Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

A Common Frame of Reference for European Private Law - Academic Efforts and Political Realities (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

A Comparative Assessment of Personal Injuries Compensation Schemes: Lessons for Tort Reform? (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

Comparative Law: Method, Science or Educational Discipline? (vol. 7.3, September 2003)

Comparative Law and the Internet (vol. 3.2, October 1999)

Compensation for Infected Blood Products: A and others v National Blood Authority and Another (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

The Complexity of Transnational Law: Coherence and Fragmentation of Private Law (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

La confiance légitime et l'estoppel (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Conflit de conditions générales: quelle tactique adopter? (vol. 1.1, November 1997)

Consensual Criminal Procedures: Plea and Confession Bargaining and Abbreviated Procedures to Simplify Criminal Procedure (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Constitutional Fidelity Throughout Time. A Comparative Survey (vol. 15.1, December 2011)

Constitution, International Treaties, Contracts and Torts (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Constitutional Guarantees for the Independence of the Judiciary (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Constitutional Guarantees of the Independence of the Judiciary (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Constitutional Referenda in the Netherlands: A Debate in the Margin (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

The Constitutionalization of Contract Law: Something New under the Sun? (vol. 8.1, March 2004)

The Constitutionalisation of Private Law: Scotland (vol. 5.2, May 2001)

Contract and Commercial Law: The Logic and Limits of Harmonisation (vol. 7.4, November 2003)

Contract in Employment: Weathering Storms in Mixed Jurisdictions? Some Comparative Thoughts (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Contracting in China: Comparative Observations on Freedom of Contract, Contract Formation, Battle of Forms and Standard Form Contracts (vol. 14.1, May 2010)

Le contrat sans loi en droit international privé (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Control and Liability of Credit Rating Agencies under Netherlands Law (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Control and Responsibility of Credit Rating Agencies (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Copyright Issues and the Information Society: Dutch Perspectives (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Copyright Mixture in a Mixed Legal System: Fit for Human Consumption? (vol. 5.2, May 2001)

Corporate Criminal Liability in the Netherlands (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Corporate Governance in the Netherlands (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Un couple surprenant: prescription extinctive et liberté contractuelle (vol. 12.2, October 2008)

Creating and Controlling Private Land Use Restrictions in Scotland and Louisiana: A Comparative Mixed Jurisdiction Analysis (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Critical Comparative Law: Considering Paradoxes for Legal Systems in Transition (vol. 4.1, June 2000)

Cross-border Successions. The New Commission Proposal: Contents and Way Forward. A Report on the 2010 Academy of European Law Conference (vol. 15.1, December 2011)

Customary Law v Common Law Marriages: A Hybrid Approach in South Africa (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Cyber Consumer Protection and Fair Trading in the Netherlands (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Cyber Consumer Protection and Unfair Competition (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Cybercrime Legislation in the Netherlands (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

'The Debt Is Forgotten': A Compendious View of Arthur Browne, c1756-1805 (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

Democratic Revival or E-Sell Out? A Sceptic's Report on the State of E-Governance in the UK (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

A Developing Dialogue - Children’s Rights, Children’s Law and Economics: Surveying Experiences from Southern and Eastern African Law Reform Processes (vol. 12.3, December 2008)

The Different Approaches to Recent Developments in Chinese and US Ship Arrest Laws (vol. 9.3, October 2005)

Different Degrees of Convergence: A Comparison of Tort Law (Example: Fairchild v. Glenhaven Funeral Services) and Property Law (vol. 6.3, October 2002)

The Digitalizing of Literary and Musical Works (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

The Digitising of Literary and Artistic Works (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Divorce Mediation in Europe: An Introductory Outline (vol. 9.2, July 2005)

Doctrinal History of the Protection of Personality Rights in Europe in the Ius Commune: General Actions or Specific Actions? (vol. 13.1, March 2009)

The Doctrine of Abuse of Rights: Perspective from a Mixed Jurisdiction (vol. 8.3, October 2004)

Domain Name Registration Procedures and Practices and Domain Name Dispute Resolution (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Le droit social comparé (vol. 8.1, March 2004)

Le droit successoral belge (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Dutch Family Law in the 21st Century: Trend-Setting and Straggling behind at the Same Time (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Dutch Private International Law Codification: Principles, Objectives and Opportunities (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

The Dutch Supreme Court: A Reluctant Positive Legislator? (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Economic Development and Private Ownership of Immovable Property: A comparison of Louisiana and Haiti (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Editorial (vol. 1.1, November 1997)

Editorial (vol. 2.1, May 1998)

Editorial (vol. 2.2, August 1998)

Editorial (vol. 2.3, December 1998)

Editorial (vol. 3.1, August 1999)

Editorial - E-books (vol. 3.2, October 1999)

Editorial - Access to Public Information: A Fundamental Right (vol. 3.3, December 1999)

Editorial - Netherlands Comparative Law Association/European Private Law (vol. 4.1, June 2000)

Editorial - New editors/Mixed legal systems (vol. 4.2, September 2000)

Editorial - Restatements of European Family and Succession Law (vol. 4.3, November 2000)

Editorial - Ius Commune: A European Civil Code? (vol. 4.4, December 2000)

Editorial - Law and Culture (vol. 5.1, March 2001)

Editorial - Mixed Legal Systems: Patterns of Development (vol. 5.2, May 2001)

Editorial - Editorial Board/New URL/The European Union and Private Law (vol. 5.3, November 2001)

Editorial - Law or Technology? (vol. 5.4, December 2001)

Editorial - European Private International Law as a Transition Stage? (vol. 6.1, April 2002)

Editorial - European Private Law and Legal Globalisation (vol. 6.2, July 2002)

Editorial (vol. 6.3, October 2002)

Editorial (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Editorial - Codifying European Civil Law: From a General Hard Law to a Sector-Specific Soft Law Project? (vol. 7.1, March 2003)

Editorial - XVIIth World Congress of Comparative Law (vol. 7.2, June 2003)

Editorial - Linguistic Diversity and a European Legal Discourse (vol. 7.3, September 2003)

Editorial (vol. 7.4, November 2003)

Editorial (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

Editorial - Comparative Case Notes: Burnett's Trustee v. Grainger as an Example (vol. 8.1, March 2004)

Editorial - Why are general comparative law conferences still useful? (vol. 8.2, June 2004)

Editorial - Land Burdens - A Fragmented or a Uniform Approach: When Will the Civil Law Debate Start? (vol. 8.3, October 2004)

Editorial - Self-Regulation: From a National to a European Approach (vol. 9.1, January 2005)

Editorial - European Private Law: A European Standing Committee on Legal Terminology as a Next Step? (vol. 9.2, July 2005)

Editorial - Mixed Legal Systems, especially the South African Legal System, and the Study of Comparative Law (vol. 9.3, October 2005)

Editorial - Principles of European Property Law: A Pragmatic Choice between Convergence and Divergence (vol. 9.4, December 2005)

Editorial - In Memoriam Hildegard Penn, Assistant Editor to the EJCL from 1997 to 2006n (vol. 10.1, June 2006)

Editorial (vol. 10.2, October 2006)

Editorial - UK Reports to the XVIIth International Congress of Comparative Law (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Editorial - Dutch Reports to the XVIIth International Congress of Comparative Law (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Editorial - Virtual Victimisation (vol. 11.2, September 2007)

Editorial - General Reports to the XVIIth International Congress of Comparative Law (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Editorial - (D)CFR, Consumer Acquis, Property Law and Euromortgage: The benefits of Unification, the Dangers of Fragmentation and the Unwanted Effect of Legal Transplants (vol. 11.4, December 2007)

Editorial - The Relevance and Allure of the Mixed Legal Systems (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Editorial - L'Europe: Chacun pour soi? (vol. 12.2, October 2008)

Editorial - On the Trend Towards Recodification and Reorientation in Private and Business Law (vol. 12.3, December 2008)

Editorial - 2008 UKNCCL Symposium on the Law of Privacy (vol. 13.1, March 2009)

Editorial - Mixed Feelings (vol. 13.2, May 2009)

Editorial - The Irish Society of Comparative Law (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

Editorial - The Future of European Law: Towards a European Law Institute? (vol. 14.1, May 2010)

Editorial - The Methodological Impossibility to Create “Autonomous European” Law (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Editorial - Beyond Comparative Law: American Legal Education and Europe (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Editorial - From Comparative to European Law: A Changing Mindset? (vol. 15.1, December 2011)

E-government: A Comparative Study of the Multiple Dimensions of Required Regulatory Change (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Ehescheidung und nachehelicher Unterhalt in Europa (vol. 8.3, October 2004)

Electronic Contracts in the United States and the European Union: Varying Approaches to the Elimination of Paper and Pen (vol. 5.3, November 2001)

Electronic Unfair Competition and Applicable Law: An Open Spot in the European Jungle (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

The Emergence of a European Constitutional Law (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Encroachment of Criminal Law in Administrative Law in the Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Equitably Sharing Benefits from the Utilization of Natural Genetic Resources: The Brazilian Interpretation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (vol. 6.3, October 2002)

Europäisierung des Bereicherungsrechts (vol. 7.4, November 2003)

European Migration: The Impact of EU Member States' Political and Social Concerns on Migration Law and Policy (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

European Private Law: Postmodern Dilemmas and Choices. Towards a Method of Adequate Comparative Legal Analysis (vol. 3.1, August 1999)

European Union Case Law as a Source of European Private Law: A Comparison with American Federal Common Law (vol. 5.4, December 2001)

EU Regulation of Consumer Sales Guarantees: The Present Situation and Future Perspectives (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

Euthanasia and the Criminal Justice System (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Executive Discretion and Article 356 of the Constitution of India: A Comparative Critique (vol. 8.1, March 2004)

Family Law on Post-Soviet European Territory: A Comparative Overview of Some Recent Trends (vol. 14.1, May 2010)

The Fate of the General Clause in a Cross-Cultural Setting: The Tort Experience of Louisiana (vol. 5.2, May 2001)

Financial Leasing and Its Unification by Unidroit (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Foreign Influences in Israeli Banking Law (vol.12.1, May 2008)

Foreign Voters in the Netherlands. Towards an Enlargement of the Right to Vote? (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

The Functional and the Dysfunctional in the Comparative Method of Law: Some Critical Remarks (vol. 12.3, December 2008)

The Future of European Civil Procedure (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

The Future of National Procedural Law in Europe: Harmonisation vs Judge-made Standards in the Field of Administrative Justice (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

The German Act to Modernize the Law of Obligations as a Model for the Europeanization of Contract Law? The New Rules Regarding Impossibility of Performance from the Perspective of a Portuguese Lawyer (vol. 11.4, December 2007)

Globalisation or Isolation in New Dutch Property Law? The New Civil Code of the Netherlands and the New Civil Codes of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba Compared (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

Good Faith and the Contents of Contracts in European Private Law (vol. 7.1, March 2003)

Green Paper: An Optimal Vision of the Civil Code of the Republic of Poland (vol. 11.2, September 2007)

The Historical Development of Exceptions to Copyright and Its Application to Copyright Law in the Twenty-first Century (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

Homosexuality and Child Custody through the Lenses of Law: Between Tradition and Fundamental Rights (vol. 15.1, December 2011)

How Mixed Must a Mixed System Be? (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Human Rights and Criminal Justice Applied to Legal Persons. Protection and Liability of Private and Public Juristic Entities under the ICCPR, ECHR, ACHR and AfChHPR (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Human Rights and Private Corporations: A Dutch Legal Perspective (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Impact of Uniform Law on National Law: Limits and Possibilities - CISG and Its Incidence in Dutch Law (vol. 13.2, May 2009)

The Impact of Uniform Law on National Law: Limits and Possibilities - Commercial Arbitration in the Netherlands (vol. 13.2, May 2009)

Imposed versus Undergone Punishment in the Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Inclusivity of Communal Land Tenure: A Redefinition of Ownership in Canada and South Africa? (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Indirect Representation and the Lando Principles (vol. 2.3, November 1998)

The Influence of The Post-war European Constitutions on the Constitution of the Irish Free State (vol. 15.1, December 2011)

Information and Advising Requirements in the Financial Services Sector: Principles and Peculiarities in EC Law (vol. 8.2, June 2004)

Inheritance Law in the Republic of Poland and Other Former Eastern Bloc countries: Recodification of the Circle of Statutory Heirs (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Insolvency of Public Entities other than the State under Dutch Law (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Interim Measures in EC Law: Towards a Complete and Autonomous System of Provisional Judicial Protection before National Courts? (vol. 7.2, June 2003)

International Law in Domestic Systems (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Interpretation of Multilingual Legislative Texts (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Interpretation of Multilingual Texts in the UK (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Ius Commune Lecture on European Private Law: Edinburgh Tales on Representation (vol. 14.1, May 2010)

Ius Commune Lecture on European Private Law: Time and Conformity in Law (vol. 14.1, May 2010)

Judicial Fairness in the Realm of Strict Law: Comparative Insights around a Classic Encroachment Case (vol. 9.4, December 2005)

Judicial Loyalty Through Dissent or Why The Timing is Perfect for Belgium to Embrace Separate Opinions (vol. 15.1, December 2011)

Judicial Review under the Irish Constitution: More American than Commonwealth (vol. 12.2, October 2008)

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in Matters of Intellectual Property (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

The Landlord’s Hypothec in Comparative Perspective (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Laws and Languages: Some Historical Notes from Scotland (vol. 6.2, July 2002)

The Law Applicable on the Continental Shelf and the EEZ (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

The Law of Remedies in a Mixed Jurisdiction: The Israeli Experience (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Legal Comparability and Cultural Identity: The Case of Legal Reasoning in Jewish and Islamic Traditions (vol. 14.1, May 2010)

Legal Culture and Legal Transplants (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Legal Language and the Process of Drafting the Principles on a European Law of Sales (vol. 12.2, October 2008)

Legal Limitations on Genetic Research and the Commercialisation of Its Results (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Legal Limitations on Genetic Research and the Commercialisation of its Results (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Legal Means for Eliminating Corruption in the Public Service (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

The Legal Position of Migrants (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

The Legal Protection of Privacy in South Africa: A Transplantable Hybrid (vol. 13.1, March 2009)

La précaution en droit administratif (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Legal Protection for All the Children: Dutch-American Comparison of Lesbian and Gay Parent Adoptions (vol. 3.1, August 1999)

Legal Transplants and European Private Law (vol. 4.4, December 2000)

On the Legitimacy of Europeanising Private Law: Considerations on a Justice-making Law for the EU Multi-level System (vol. 7.3, September 2003)

Legitimacy of the Judiciary (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Liability of Classification Societies (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Liability for Defective Products and Services: The Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Liability for the Mass Publication of Private Information in South African Law: NM and others v Smith and others (Freedom of Expression Institute as Amicus Curiae) (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Liberté contractuelle et rattachement juridictionnel : le droit québécois face aux droits français et européen (vol. 8.2, June 2004)

Limits and Control of Competition with a View to International Harmonisation (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Limits of the Duty to Perform in the Principles of European Contract Law (vol. 8.1, March 2004)

Looking at Convergence through the Eyes of a Comparative Lawyer (vol. 9.2, July 2005)

The Louisiana Code of Practice (1825): A Civilian Essai Among Anglo-American Sources (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Lowlands to Low Country: Perspectives on the Scottish and Dutch Law of Unjustified Enrichment (vol. 5.1, March 2001)

Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Rules in Dutch Corporate Law (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Maternity for Another: A Double Dutch Approach (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Matrimonial Property in Europe: A Link Between Sociology and Family Law (vol. 12.3, December 2008)

The Mechanisms Used by the ILO and the EU in Combating Employment Discrimination in Pay: Converging Divergence? (vol. 11.2, September 2007)

Mediation in the Netherlands: Past - Present - Future (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Migratory Things on Land: Property Rights and a Law of Capture (vol. 6.3, October 2002)

Mixed Jurisdictions in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Mixing, Unmixing, Remixing (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Mixed Jurisdictions: Lessons for European Harmonisation? (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

The National Legal Tradition (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

National Reactions to Cultural Property Looting in Nazi Germany: A Window on Individual Effort and International Disarray (vol. 9.4, December 2005)

The Navajo Nation: A Three-Ingredient Mix (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Negligently Inflicted Psychological Harm and the 'Sudden Shock' Requirement: A Comparative Analysis (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

The New Chinese Property Code: A Giant Step Forward? (vol. 11.2, September 2007)

New Developments in Spanish Succession Law (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

New Developments in Succession Law - General Report (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

New Developments in Succession Law: The U.S. Report (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

New Developments in UK Succession Law (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

New Experiences of International Arbitration (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

The New President, His Wife and the Media: Pushing Away the Limits of Privacy Law's Protection in France? (vol. 13.1, March 2009)

New Solutions for Interim Measures of Protection in International Commercial Arbitration: English, German and Hong Kong Law Compared (vol. 2.2, August 1998)

New Zealand Report on New Developments in Succession Law (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Non-profit Organizations and Patrons' Protection: A Comparative Legal and Economic Analysis of Civil Law and Common Law Systems (vol. 13.3, September 2009)

La notion de biens (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Nouveaux développements en droit de succession hellénique (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Numerus Clausus and the Development of New Real Rights in South African Law (vol. 3.3, December 1999)

A Numerus Quasi-Clausus of Property Rights as a Constitutive Element of a Future European Property Law? (vol. 7.2, June 2003)

Opening Civil Marriage to Same-Gender Couples: A Netherlands-United States Comparison (vol. 4.3, November 2000)

Oriental and Occidental Laws in Harmonious Co-existence: The Case of Trusts in Sri Lanka (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

‘Our laws are as mixed as our language’: Commentaries on the Laws of England and Ireland, 1704-1804 (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Plea-Bargaining, Negotiating Confessions and Consensual Resolution of Criminal Cases (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Plea and Confession Bargaining in Scotland (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Plurality of Political Opinions and the Concentration of Media (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Police Power Regulation of Intangible Commercial Property and the Constitutional Property Clause: A Comparative Analysis of Case Law (vol. 2.1, May 1998)

Political and Criminal Responsibility (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Polnische Staatsangehörige im Übergang zu Unionsbürgern - beschränkte Freizügigkeitsrechte nach dem 1. Mai 2004 (vol. 9.3, October 2005)

Possibilities and Constraints in the Use of Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation in Legislative Policy: Experiences in the Netherlands - Lessons to Be Learned for the EU? (vol. 9.1, January 2005)

Precedent and the Law (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Precedent in the Netherlands (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Présentation de la loi réformant le droit français des liberalités et des successions (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Prinzipien eines Europäischen Vertragrechts: Liberal, Marktfunktional, Solidarisch oder ...? (vol. 2.1, May 1998)

Privacy, Anonymity and the Internet (vol. 13.1, March 2009)

Private International Law Aspects of Homosexual Couples: The Netherlands Report (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Private International Law Aspects Relating to Homosexual Couples (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Das Privatrecht im Prozess der Europäischen Integration (vol. 7.3, September 2003)

The Process of Modernisation of Family Law in Eastern and Western Europe: Difference in Timing, Resemblance in Substance (vol. 4.2, September 2000)

The Prohibition of Age Discrimination in Labour Relations (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

The Propertization of Personal Data and Identities (vol. 8.3, October 2004)

Protecting Legitimate Expectations and Estoppel in English Law (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Protecting Legitimate Expectations and Estoppel in Scots Law (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands in the 21st Century (vol. 13.2, May 2009)

Protection for Rights of Personality in Scots Law: A Comparative Evaluation (vol. 11.4, December 2007)

The Protection of Fundamental Rights in a Digital Age (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Protection of Human Rights in Criminal Law Procedure in The Netherlands (vol. 13.2, May 2009)

The Publicity Right in Israel: An Example of Mixed Origins, Values, Rules, Interests and Branches of Law (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Public Law in Mixed Legal Systems and Public Law as a 'Mixed System' (vol. 5.2, May 2001)

Pure Economic Loss: The Ways to Recovery (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Le Rapport Néerlandais sur la Responsabilité Civile, Pénale et Disciplinaire des Magistrats - Le Juge Néerlandais: Indépendent et Irresponsable (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Real and Personal Security (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Reasons for saying: no thanks! Analysing the Discussion about the Necessity of a Constitutional Court in Sweden and Finland (vol. 10.1, June 2006)

Recent Changes in the Law of Succession in the Netherlands: On the Road towards a European Law of Succession? (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Recent Developments in German Succession Law (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Recent Developments Regarding South African Common and Customary Law of Succession (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Récents développements en droit des successions: Le droit québécois (vol. 14.2, October 2010)

Recodification of Civil Law in Puerto Rico: A Quixotic Pursuit of the Civil Code for the New Millennium (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Recodification of Criminal Law in a Mixed Jurisdiction: The Case of Puerto Rico (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Le référendum constitutionnel (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Les règles de fond sur la lutte contre le crime organisé (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Regulating Electronic Commerce in the Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Regulation of Corporate Tax Avoidance in the Netherlands (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Regulatory Aspects of Genomics, Genetics and Biotechnology: An Orientation on the Positions of Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States (vol. 7.1, March 2003)

The Regulatory Powers of Quangos in the Netherlands: Are Trojan Horses Invading Our Democracy? (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Religion and the Secular State (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

Representation of Employees in Collective Bargaining within the Firm (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Representation of Employees in Collective Bargaining within the Firm: Voluntarism in the UK (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

La responsabilité civile, pénale et disciplinaire des magistrats (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Restricting the Legislative Power to Tax (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Restricting the Legislative Power to Tax: Intersections of Taxation and Constitutional Law (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Les restrictions verticales à la concurrence (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Revolution in Scottish Land Law (vol. 8.3, October 2004)

The Rights of the Embryo and the Foetus under Dutch Law (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Rights of Minority Shareholders in the Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Road towards a European Family Law (vol. 1.1, November 1997)

The Role of Precedents in Mixed Jurisdictions: A Comparative Analysis of Louisiana and the Philippines (vol. 6.2, July 2002)

The Rule-Making Powers of Independent Administrative Agencies ('QUANGOs') (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

Scotland as a Mixed Jurisdiction and the Development of European Private Law: Is There Something to Learn from Evolutionary Theory? (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

Scots Law and the Road to the New Ius Commune (vol. 4.4, December 2000)

Scots Rules of Private International Law Concerning Homosexual Couples (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Self-Regulation and Environmental Law (vol. 9.1, January 2005)

A Self-Regulation Paradox: Notes towards the Social Logic of Regulation (vol. 9.1, January 2005)

Soft Law, Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation in European Law: Where Do They Meet? (vol. 9.1, January 2005)

Some Reflections on the Israeli Legal System and Its Judiciary (vol. 6.1, April 2002)

Some Remarks on Dutch Private Law and the Ius Commune (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

South African Common and Customary Law of Intestate Succession: A Question of Harmonisation, Integration or Abolition (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Standing to Raise Constitutional Issues in the Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

The Status of eGovernment in the Netherlands (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

The Status of Indigenous and Minority People in the Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Steps towards a European Sales Law (vol. 7.5, December 2003)

The Structure of the New European Private Law (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Study on Innovation of Legal Means for Eliminating Corruption in the Public Service in the Netherlands (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Substantial Ownership and Effective Control of International Airlines: The Netherlands (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Successful Wage Moderation: Trust, Labor Market Centralization, and Wage Moderation in Puerto Rico’s Experience with Export-led Development (vol. 9.2, July 2005)

Tales of the Unexpected: Procedural Rule Changes and Their (Unintended) Consequences (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Teaching Comparative law, Comparative Law Teaching (vol. 6.4, December 2002)

Tensions Between Legal, Biological and Social Conceptions of Parenthood in Dutch Family Law (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

Tensions between Legal, Biological and Social Conceptions of Parentage (vol. 11.3, December 2007)

The Tensions between Legal, Biological and Social Conceptions of Parenthood in English Law (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Towards a European Nationality Law (vol. 8.3, October 2004)

Three of a Kind? Positive Prescription in Sri Lanka, South Africa and Scotland (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

Two Rival Theories of Mixed Legal Systems (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

The UK Approach to the Emergence of European Constitutionalism (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

The UK Approach to Vertical Restraints of Competition (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

UK Copyright Law in the Digital Environment (vol. 10.3, December 2006)

Unification of the Application of International Law in the Municipal Realm: A Challenge for Contemporary International Law (vol. 12.3, December 2008)

The Use of Illegally Gathered Evidence in the Dutch Criminal Trial (vol. 14.3, December 2010)

The Uses of Analogia Iuris in the Louisiana Code of Practice (1825) (vol. 12.3, December 2008)

Vertical Restraints of Competition (vol. 11.1, May 2007)

What is a Mixed Legal System: Exclusion or Expansion? (vol. 12.1, May 2008)

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