Symeon C. Symeonides (Willamette University College of Law)

Symeon Symeonides

Prof. Dr. Symeon C. Symeonides received his first two law degrees summa cum laude from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki Law School (Private Law in 1972, and Public Law in 1973), and his next two from the Harvard Law School (LL.M. in 1974, and Doctor of Juridical Science in 1980). In 1976, he began his teaching career in Thessaloniki and, in 1978, he continued at the Louisiana State University Law Center, where he also served as Vice-Chancellor (1991-97). From 1987 to 1999, he held the Judge Albert Tate Chair in Law at that university. He has also taught at Tulane, Loyola (New Orleans), and Louvain-la-Neuve, and has lectured at several American and European universities and institutions. His teaching subjects include Private International Law, Civil Law System, Property, Civil Procedure, and Comparative Law. From July 1, 1999, he is Dean and Professor of Law at Willamette University College of Law, Salem, Oregon.
As Rapporteur for the Louisiana State Law Institute, he drafted the new Codification of Private International Law (Book IV of the Louisiana Civil Code) and is currently drafting the new Law of Leases. As Rapporteur for the Puerto Rican Academy of Legislation and Jurisprudence, he drafted a new Code of Puerto Rico Private International Law. He has served as Rapporteur Général on Private International Law for the 15th International Congress of Comparative Law in Bristol (1998), and as U.S. National Reporter for the 14th International Congress of Comparative Law in Athens (1994).
He is the President of the American Association of Law Schools Section on Conflict of Laws and the Secretary of the American Society of Comparative Law. He is a member of the Order of the Coif, the American Law Institute, the Council of the Louisiana State Law Institute, the Bartolus Society, and the Board of Editors of the American Journal of Comparative Law, and an associate member of the International Academy of Comparative Law.

Office Address: Willamette University College of Law, 240 Winter Street, S.E., Salem, Oregon 97301, USA, Fax: (503) 370-6375, E-mail: Symeon@Willamette.edu

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