J.H.M. (Hans) Roes (Jacobs University Bremen)

Hans Roes

After studying monetary economics at Tilburg University, Hans Roes worked as a teacher and student counsellor at Tilburg University before joining the university library. He worked at the library in a number of capacities, and was involved in and managed projects concerning library services innovation, electronic publishing and e-learning. Since November 2005, Hans has been Director of Information Resources and Multimedia at Jacobs University Bremen (www.jacobs-university.de).
In 1997 and 1998, Hans managed the project that resulted in the launch of the Electronic Journal of Comparative Law. Ever since the project's successful completion, he has continued to be involved in the journal and its editorial board in an advisory role.

Correspondence address: Jacobs University Bremen, PO Box 750561, D-28725, Bremen, Germany. E-mail: h.roes@jacobs-university.de.

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