Vol. 8.1 March 2004


's Organising Committee is pleased to announce the Second CEFL Conference entitled 'Principles of European Family Law: Divorce, Maintenance between Former Spouses and Parental Responsibilities', which is to take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th December 2004.

CEFL members and other legal scholars will deliver presentations on the following subjects:

  • The Working Method of the CEFL
  • Future Divorce Law: Two Types of Divorce
  • The Underlying Principles of Consensual Divorce
  • Agreements on Divorce and Maintenance
  • Conditions for Maintenance
  • Clean-Break or Long-Term Payment of Maintenance
  • Maintenance as a Separate Issue: The Relationship between Maintenance and Matrimonial Property
  • Initial Results of CEFL's National Reports on Parental Responsibility
  • Contact Arrangements
  • Joint Parental Responsibility - Relocation Orders

A call for young researchers to submit papers for workshops on the following subjects has been announced on the CEFL website (http://www2.law.uu.nl/priv/cefl/Con2004/CONHome2004.html, click on the Abstracts button) in February 2004:

  • The Revised Brussels II Regulation (Workshop 1)
  • Sole or Joint Custody Rights (Workshop 2)
  • Protection of Partners of Informal Long-Term Relationships (Workshop 3)

Those who did not deliver presentations at the 1st CEFL conference in December 2002 will be given preference.

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