Vol. 7.4, November 2003


This issue

During 2003, the number of submitted articles has increased to such a degree that we decided to publish an extra issue. The next issue, which will be the last one of this year, will contain the papers presented at a Ius Commune Research School conference held at the law faculty of the University of Edinburgh.

In this issue, we publish two lectures: the Wiarda Inaugural Lecture by Roy Goode, entitled 'Contract and Commercial Law: The Logic and Limits of Harmonisation', held on the occasion of his appointment as Wiarda visiting professor at the Faculty of Law of Utrecht University (also Ius Commune Lecture no. 8), and the Ius Commune Lecture by Wouter Snijders, 'Building a European Contract Law: Five Fallacies and Two Castles in Spain (Ius Commune Lecture no. 9). We also publish 'Europäisierung des Bereicherungsrechts' by Peter Schlechtriem, a consultative report presented to the Netherlands Comparative Law Association on 19 December 2002.

VIIth World Congress of Comparative Law

The organising committee responsible for the organisation of the VIIth World Congress of Comparative Law in 2006 (see the announcement in EJCL vol. 7, issue 2, http://www.ejcl.org/72/editor72.html), is already very active. For the members of the Netherlands Comparative Law Association, a call to propose topics for this conference is published.

Sjef van Erp,

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