Vol. 6.4, December 2002


In this special issue of the EJCL, we publish the Dutch national reports to the XVIth International Congress of Comparative Law, held in Brisbane (Australia) from 14 to 20 July. The announcement of this conference can be found at http://www.ejcl.org/42/nvvr42.html. The reports have already been made available in print by Intersentia. In cooperation with the publishers, we now make the papers available electronically as they were published in the book; the only changes made by us are line spacing to improve readability and adding/adjusting hyperlinks. The editors of the Dutch national reports are Prof. dr. Ewoud Hondius and dr. Carla Joustra. On behalf of the Netherlands Comparative Law Association I would like to thank them very much for all the work they have done.

Should you want further information regarding any of these reports, please contact either dr. Lars van Vliet, the Acting Secretary of the Netherlands Comparative Law Association (L.vanVliet@pr.unimaas.nl) or Hildegard Penn, EJCL's Assistant Editor (H.M.M.A.Penn@uvt.nl).

The next International Congress of Comparative Law will be held in the Netherlands. More information will follow at the beginning of next year.

Sjef van Erp,
Editor-in-Chief EJCL,
President Netherlands Comparative Law Association

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