Vol. 6.3, October 2002


In this issue of EJCL, we publish four articles on very different topics, some of which are on the borderline between private law and public law; read Veli-Pekka Hautamäki on 'Authoritative Interpretation of the Constitution: A Comparison of Argumentation in Finland and Norway', S. Peña-Neira, C. Dieperink and H. Addink on 'Equitably Sharing Benefits from the Utilization of Natural Genetic Resources: The Brazilian Interpretation of the Convention on Biological Diversity', Bryan Clark on 'Migratory Things on Land: Property Rights and a Law of Capture' and, finally, Sjef van Erp on 'Different Degrees of Convergence: A Comparison of Tort Law (Example: Fairchild v. Glenhaven Funeral Services) and Property Law'.

In December we will publish a special issue. It will contain the Dutch national reports to the XVIth International Conference of Comparative Law held in Brisbane, Australia. See http://www.ejcl.org/42/nvvr42.html.

The Editorial Board intends to publish every year an issue devoted to a special topic. We invite our readers to send us suggestions for possible themes. We also intend to publish an issue devoted to excellent student papers. The Editorial Board invites students to submit papers for review.

Until now, we made articles available for downloading in ASCII, Word and WordPerfect. From this issue on, it will also be possible to download our articles in PDF format. If a reference is made to the PDF file, it will become possible to refer to a specific page number, as this will be the same irrespective of where the article is downloaded. Articles which were published in earlier issues of this volume of EJCL will also be made available in PDF format.

I would like to draw your attention to our archives (http://www.ejcl.org/general/archive.html), which provide a link to the Newsletter European Private Law. Recently a new issue of this newsletter was published.

Finally, the Editorial Board would like to congratulate our board member Oliver Remien, formerly attached to the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg, on his appointment as Professor of Civil Law, European Economic Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law at the Bayerische Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg (Germany). We wish him success and we look forward to our future cooperation within the Editorial Board.

Sjef van Erp,

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