Vol. 2.1, May 1998


This is the first issue of Volume 2 of the Electronic Journal of Comparative Law. Although it is only our second issue published so far, we decided to have our volumes coincide with calendar years, for easy reference. Thus, Volume 1 consists of only one issue, Volume 2 will consist of four issues.

So far the editorial board did not receive any written comments on the first issue. We know, however, that - excluding editors and project staff - 93 persons have so far subscribed to the journal's listserver. Among them are 38 from the Netherlands, 19 from the USA, 8 from Germany and 7 from Canada. The others come from all over the world, including Japan, Singapore, India and China. This shows how wide an audience can be reached by electronic (self-)publishing. Of course most readers will simply come across our website and browse through our pages.

In this issue, we publish two articles on quite distinct subjects. The first article is written by a South-African scholar, Professor Van der Walt from the University of South Africa in Pretoria. In his article, he examines questions relating to state regulation (in terms of a state's police power) of intangible commercial rights or interests, in as far as their use and exploitation are concerned. The author is particularly interested in state regulation which leads to, e.g., rendering those commercial rights or interests worthless. The second article, written by Brigitta Lurger from the University of Graz (Austria), discusses principles of European contract law from the perspective of legal theory. The two articles also express the policy of the EJCL editorial board to publish articles in English, French and German: the first article is written in English, the second article in German.

The editorial board welcomes any comments you may have on the journal and its contents. It is easy to contact the journal or one of the board members by going to the following URL: http://www.ejcl.org/general/about.html#eb, then clicking on the name of the board member, which will lead you to this member's e-mail address. We are interested in any article which falls within the aim and scope of the journal written in English, French or German. Please feel free to contact me (S.vanErp@PR.UNIMAAS.nl) or the assistant editor (H.M.M.A.Penn@uvt.nl) for further information.

Sjef van Erp


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