Esin Örücü

This report provides responses to the questions posed by the General Rapporteur Professor Antonio Gambaro for this topic (I.C.2.) that apply throughout the United Kingdom, and covers whether any legislation, regulation or subordinate legislation is published in more than one language in the UK, especially after the 1998 devolution; which languages are used and what is the working language usually used in drafting texts; how are translation services organised; what happens when errors and omissions in the translated text are discovered and who corrects relevant errors; whether normative acts of supranational sources are officially published in English; which meaning prevails in case of divergence between the international text and English; whether there are unofficial translations; the problem of translated words which imply juridical concepts unknown to the domestic juridical tradition; whether neologisms have been created in the UK legal language; whether there are foreign words in national normative texts that are not translated; how are ambiguous words translated; how does the legal language treat foreign words with cultural features; how are legal institutions that do not exist in the translation language translated; which is the adopted syntax; whether the translation language assumes a different style or lexicon; which linguistic text is used as a basis in courts and by the legal profession; whether there are cases where there is reference to the text in a different language; how are foreign words and neologisms treated in interpretation and inserted into the text; whether there are special rules of hermeneutics for the interpretation of normative supranational texts with consideration given to uniform interpretation; whether the same criteria are applied in interpreting domestic law enacted in more than one UK language; what hermeneutics policy is followed in filling a gap in a multilingual text; whether the gap is filled following the common rules; and whether it is normal to refer to the same act enacted in another language.

Cite as: Esin Örücü, Interpretation of Multilingual Texts in the UK, vol 10.3 ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW, (December 2006), <http://www.ejcl.org/103/art103-9.pdf>.

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